Cliqups was INSPIRED BY THE timeless CLASSIC MOVIE, THE BREAKFAST CLUB. A true to life story about THOSE awkwardly scary and unpredictable YEARS KNOWN AS HIGH SCHOOL, WHERE WE FinD OURSELVES THROWN INTO A STEREOTYPICAL MIx OF SOCIAL circles WITH ONE VERY IMPORTANT goal IN MIND ...TO TRY AND SURVIVE BY FINDING A CLIQUE THAT Will ACCEPT US for who we really are! although sometimes, the search to fit in can cloud our vision of the bigger picture... as the moral of the movie goes: don't judge a book by its cover.

but the word "clique" has always had this bad rep for being a negative and alienating thing, so OUR MISSION WITH THIS PROJECT IS TO change that. with cliqups, we've created A COOL SPACE WHERE HIGH SCHOOL Students CAN discover how different groups really live their lives, by allowing them to CONNECt WITH ONE ANOTHER to break down stereotypes and social barriers on campus ...creating A MORE ACCEPTING, UNIFIED AND positive atmosphere.